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DishHome 50 Mbps internet and TV costs just Rs 699 per month

DishHome will now provide 50 Mbps internet and DishHome TV. DishHome will provide internet, TV, and five GHz routers for Rs. 699 per month as part of the package deal. The combo offer will cost Rs. 699 for one month, Rs. 2097 for three months, Rs. 4194 for six months, and Rs. 8388 for a year, according to DishHome.

The company has stated that there is a charge for connecting internet and DishHome TV but there is no charge for 12 months of internet connection. However, the connection fee for a one-month connection will be Rs. 2000, Rs. 1500 for a three-month connection, and Rs. 1000 for a six-month connection.

DishHome TV subscriptions will cost Rs. 2400 for one month, Rs. 2100 for three months, Rs. 1800 for six months, and Rs. 1500 for a year. You must deposit Rs. 500 for the router when taking advantage of this combo offer.

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