NTA Confirmed MDMS will go Live next month throughout Nepal

NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) and MPIA (Mobile phone Imports Association) held ‘MDMS BYLAWS 2075 Workshop’ at Hotel Soaltee Kathmandu on Shrawan 26, 2079 with the presence from NTA, MPIA, NMDA and other concerned authorities. NTA and MPIA has made join decision that MDMS (Mobile Device Management System) will start from 30th Bhadra 2079 to control the unauthorized entry of Mobile phones in Nepal illegally.

MDMS (Mobile Device Management system) describes a higher-level system that can be used for the management and operation of mobile devices such as PCs, tablet PCs, cell phones, POS systems, and other devices. It’s a software application that helps device fleet operators to manage and enforce rules or policies on different types of devices.

With recent technological advancement mobile phone has been a subject of necessity rather than luxury. President of (Mobile phone Imports Association) Mr. Deepak Kumar Malhotra and various delegates has criticized the Government for stop importing cellular devices as they have become part of day today life.

Malhotra clarified government decided to do so to increase revenue thus implementing MDMS will decrease the amount of black trafficking which has negative impacts collecting revenues to government. Nepal is losing billions of dollars due to black trafficking market. In opening ceremony Malhotra also clarified illegal trafficking of phones and re-furtive phones has adversely affected mobile business and cause employment problems. Thus, the meeting decided to implement MDMS.

Vice President of MPIA (Mobile Phone Imports Association) Mr. Sanjay Agrawal addressed that MDMS will be officially start from Sep 15, 2022 and it will be fully implemented with in two to three months. The old handsets will get two to three months period for registration.

The handsets imported unofficially without paying the government tax thereafter will not be activated from September 15. Nepal Telecommunication Authority has fully guaranteed the implementation therefore there is no room for doubt. MDMS is not only limited the Nepal Telecommunication Authority and all the mobile operators, but because it is also related to the national security, we all have to equal responsibility of making this successful. Mr. Agrawal made it clear that this plan is very comprehensive plan and it will greatly contribute to the revenue growth of the Ministry of Finance. He made it clear that we all should move forward together to make this plan work.

Director of NTA Mr.Surendra Lal Hada clarified the importance, features and technical aspects of MDMS and gave important information about its practical implementation and another Director of NTA Mr. Revati Ram Panta analyzed the MDMS BY LAWS 2075 and explained its importance and clarifying its potential. Thus, to stop the same case MDMS should be implemented. Various delegates from NTC, NCELL, Smart cell, MPIA, NMDA/ FNDBA expressed their opinions and importance of implementing MDMS in Nepal.

Chief Guest Mr. Baikuntha Aryal said MDMS should be implemented remaining with the boundary of Nepali people and Nepali constitution. At the end of program Chairperson of NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) Mr. Purshotam Khanal expressed his gratitude to all the delegates and made commitment that MDMS (Mobile Device Management system) should be enforced from 30th Bhadra 2079 (15th September 2022).

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