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Here’s How To Write Effective YouTube Video Script: 5 Tips 🔥🔥

If you are a new YouTuber or have just started a YouTube channel and struggling to write a effective video script, this blog is for you.

1. Hook/Starting

A hook is that thing you throw so that your audience gets attracted and watches your video till the end. Your target should be to engage your audience in such a way that they watch your video till the end.

For this, you should focus on starting of your video. The first 20 – 30 second of your video will decide whether your audience watches your video or not. For example, you could start the video with a shocking question or any fact, and tell the viewers to watch till the end to know more about it.

Example: Do you know how the population of tigers are counted?

You can add a good graphics and editing to the introduction part, so that your video looks creative. And if you want, you can give your self introduction as well.

The important catch here is that you should tell your audience, why they should watch your video. If they watch your video till the end, what they will gain and what type of content they are getting and what their benefit are. You must tell this in first 20-30s of your video.

Bonus: Be energetic so that the audience can know how good your content is going to be.

2. Introduction

  • Here, you can give your introduction or the introduction of the topic of your video.
  • You can give a warm welcome to your audience with energy
  • And give a recap of your previous video, if you had made any.
  • Call of Action: This could be telling your viewers to subscribe the channel or giving the link to your other videos through “i button”.

3. Content

Your content is the main thing that attracts the viewers. It is your soul of the video.

If you are explaining the theories, you can show ppt(Power Point) file or a word file. Try to use as less words. Alongside with your content, the way you present also matters. So, try presenting in such a way that entertains the viewers.

Always make the content related to the topic of the video. If your audience couldn’t relate to the topic and your content diverges form it, there is a high chance that they might leave the video and move to other’s video.

Remember, your goal is to increase the watch time of your audience, which can be possible only if your content is relevant and interesting.

4. Summary

Your script can include the summary of the video.

Here, tell the viewers what they learned today and conclude it in 20-30s. This depends upon your niche.

After concluding, give a precap , i.e. give some information about your next video, if there is any. Make your audience delighted to know how interesting your next video is going to be.

5. Closure

The more the viewer engagement, more the chances are that your channel grows.

Ask your viewers to comment their suggestions, or like the video. Tell them about your channel and what your other contents are.

You can also guide them towards your other social media handles.

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